Two directions of Communication…

Communication : happens both on the outside and inside !!!

Outside communication is when we are talking to any other person around us through any mode of exchanging information : Verbal, body gestures, written, even silence. ✍

However, there is another important communication which keeps on happening all the time: inside our head. We keep on talking to ourselves and this decides how we spend our day, our life.

Most of us don’t take this seriously unless we are told about its use in motivating ourselves or worse, when this system overwhelm us (when we are in some troubling/sad situation. If we are lucky and bit observant, we understand how our mind works.

This also gave us an important objective for life : how to take the best use of our mind and never allow it to overpower you !!!

Over years, you would feel excited to practice the methods to improve the external & internal communication. Especially in this digital world, our communication skills play an important role as our messages travels faster than anything.

For external communication, the ToastMasters’ platform is an ideal choice.
For internal communication, there are multiple meditative techniques available to activate or relax the flow of thoughts whenever & wherever needed. 🙏

So, why not start this journey on both sides : external & internal. This would allow YOU to be in control of life rather than a victim 😇

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