Power of Proactiveness

Which life do you prefer….a reactive one or a pro-active one ?

Does this even matter !!!

Yes, a lot !!!

After a hectic work week, we eagerly wait for weekends to spend some lazy time.

A reactive routine seems more like this:
> Get up late around 8-9 am
> Do some home stuff and then watch content on TV or laptops or phone
> Around evening, search for the places to visit to get some newness in life
> Travel to some social place and indulge in heavy food/drinks
> Remain awake till late nights and reach home in semi sleep mode
> Sleep like a tired person and the same routine happens on next day.

Impact : we wonder why #Mondayblues happen 🙄

Reason : in this routine, we didn’t do even a single thing which release bliss chemicals/happy hormones.

Let’s look at a pro-active routine:
> Get up at 5 am in the morning on Saturday
> Start the day with #Gratitude and start jogging to get movement
> Do some of your favorite exercises
> End with #meditation/relaxation exercises and some #laughter
> Enjoy a cup of tea/snacks with family members
> Support your family for home stuff: cleaning, planning the day & week, reviewing open works etc

Impact : we feel in sync of things happening around us 😇

Reason : every activity we did released bliss chemicals without spending a penny 🤠

Enjoyed the same start yesterday & today and enjoying every moment of the weekend… 🤗

Do share your pro-active routine of the weekend 🙌

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