How to keep positive attitude in difficult times !!!

Does it sometimes feel that whole system is trying to stop you from moving ahead !!! 😨

We spend a lot of energy in preparing for certain events, sometimes for a long time as well. Every thing works well till last moment and then something unexpected happen all of a sudden and whole planning fails.

We have to cancel many things and it impacts our participants as well. This also leaves bad memory in our mind.

We do move on in life, but still miss the mindset and rhythm. Also, the mind is consistently proposing all the wrong things to happen for future events as well (strangely, this is how our mind works !!!)

In such cases, we have two options:
1) listen to our mind and pull away from upcoming events. OR
2) Use the positive practices to get the optimistic mindset 💪

Don’t we all face such situations when we feel that things are not going our way and our mind becomes highly #pessimistic ? 😟

At such times, we just need to use our positive practices to get back on track. One golden rule to decide in such situations : “we should always choose what we wanted to do when we were optimistic” rather than “when our mind is pessimistic”. 🙏

Do share if you also have faced something similar and overcame the situation using some positive practice 🙌

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