How to adopt positive habits

Do we have a lot of troubles/problems/challenges/distractions in finding time for some positive habit ???

I am sure we all would say “YES”… 🙄

Our films are filled with many stories where the lead character faced a lot of problems (both within family & outside), however they kept going through them and learnt the art of converting the challenges into opportunities and succeeded 😎

I too have a similar story for doing trainings. I had been an average student throughout my school, college and career life. I always loved to do my work but never spent dedicated time for trainings. Last year, I felt strong need of learning technologies to stay competitive in my role. Coming from an non technical background and other limitations, it was difficult to learn so much so fast.

So i followed a simple method to start the learning practice : Prioritize >> Neutralize >> Initialize.

Let me share how i am able to find time for trainings using this technique:
Step 1) Prioritize : My role demands me to have knowledge of all latest developments in technical area and new technologies. So, learning is a priority for me.

Step 2) Neutralize : When we wish to study, all other tasks would divert your attention. So we need to neutralize these thoughts (happy to share how it can be done).

Step 3) Initialize : List down all works which have waiting time e.g., Office commute. This is the time we need to use for our productive habit.

In last 1 year I have completed 25+ trainings and often share the post of completing trainings on my #LinkedIn page.

I hear from my friends that they don’t get time to learn and share various reasons. I share this simple method i used to find time for doing anything positive in life.

Here are some practical examples as well:
Due to traffic conditions, we normally spend 45-90 mins in transit. Most of us, either use this time to chit-chat, sleep or watch content on their phone. This is a golden time to use for learning new topics. A lot of trainings are available online and you can simply start use this time productively.

During weekends, rather than watching news/movies/sports all the time on TV, i spend some time to connect my phone and do trainings on TV. With the new infra in Orange Business Gurgaon office, we are able to connect our laptops with TV and follow the same practice. This also allows me to do trainings while i practice some #taichi moves. Two benefits in one GO !!!

You can also find similar conditions where you just need to learn from the obstacles and use the distractions into productive tools for learning 🙏

Do share your examples if you converted any roadblocks into stepping stones 🙌


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